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Published September 30, 2021

We often hear from clients that one of the allures of becoming an independent investment advisor is the freedom to build your business the way you want to, without fighting through the bureaucracy one would encounter with a broker-dealer.

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Published June 30, 2021

Investment Advisors choose to practice their crafts under the RIA structure for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it's the desire to support clients as a true fiduciary, the ability to provide superior service, or simply the dream of operating as an entrepreneur, the...

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Published June 17, 2021

In retrospect, it’s amazing how far the independent investment advisory business has advanced over the past three decades and there is no doubt that technology has played a key role in that progress. In fact, the benefit to independent advisors from the last 30 years of...

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Published April 29, 2021

What’s in a brand? Might seem simple at first. But, your brand itself speaks volumes about YOU, and yet, when was the last time you thought about your company’s name, your logo, or even your overall identity?

At its core, a brand is defined as an identifying symbol,...

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Published April 1, 2021

Despite the upheaval of the past year, many RIA firms have continued enjoying organic growth. Now, perhaps more than ever, clients are looking for professionals they can trust to help them make sense of – and adapt to – the continually shifting landscape.

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Published February 28, 2020

A recap by Scott Silverman, SVP and Head of Distribution at GeoWealth.

GeoWealth was recently on the ground for several of the best conferences in our industry: Inside ETFs in Hollywood, FL., T3 2020 in San Diego, CA., and TD Ameritrade National LINC 2020 in...

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Published January 21, 2020

Q&A with Chris Daly, SVP, Chief Digital Officer of GeoWealth

As Chief Digital Officer, Chris oversees all aspects of GeoWealth’s visual and user experience in addition to leading the digital product management team.

Chris’ career has spanned over 20 years, covering...

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