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Published September 30, 2021

We often hear from clients that one of the allures of becoming an independent investment advisor is the freedom to build your business the way you want to, without fighting through the bureaucracy one would encounter with a broker-dealer.

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Published August 19, 2021

Why did you become an independent advisor? There are likely several reasons, including a deep desire to help people fulfill their dreams of building a secure and prosperous financial future. The notion of service and personal commitment runs deep in your veins. You...

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Published July 29, 2021

Many advisors recognize the value of partnering with a TAMP to provide clients with superior investment management services. But what you may not fully realize is how a TAMP's back office services can ease the daily burden of managing your practice and free you up to...

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Published July 15, 2021

Count yourself in the select group of investment advisor representatives whose RIAs are growing. Well done. However, your success comes with challenges, and one you are likely facing is how to scale your business by adding new staff.

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Published June 17, 2021

In retrospect, it’s amazing how far the independent investment advisory business has advanced over the past three decades and there is no doubt that technology has played a key role in that progress. In fact, the benefit to independent advisors from the last 30 years of...

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Published November 12, 2020

In many industries, the term “scalable” is used fairly often, and it’s worth a look to see how that concept applies to Turnkey Asset Management Platforms (TAMPs). Understanding scalability can help an RIA determine which platform their firm should leverage to manage...

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Published October 29, 2020

For every Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in the industry, fees and expenses are undoubtedly a huge concern. The more attractively a fee structure is designed, the more likely it is that an RIA will garner interest from value-conscious investors hoping to...

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